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UV Tanning vs. Spray Tanning: Is One Better Than the Other?

Let’s face it, tanned skin is always in. So the question isn’t necessarily “will they tan?”, but “how will they tan?” With modern advances in technology, beauty, wellness, etc., there are several ways customers can achieve the golden glow they’re hoping for. To satisfy as many preferences as possible, it’s recommended to have both UV and spray tanning in your salon. Each have their pro’s and con’s depending on who you talk to, so evaluating exactly what type of result your customer is looking for is the best way to assess what kind of tanning session or package they’ll most benefit from.

UV Tanning

Regular visits to the tanning bed/booth are actually therapeutic for people. Being tan not only makes them feel good, but the experience while in the bed is set up these days to be as relaxing as possible. With a variety of models on the market now, the features are elevated from what they once were. Facial tanners, mp3 connection and cooling misted water are just some of the comforting features found on Luxura’s tanning units. Typically, spray tan sessions are too short for any fancy additions such as those.

Here are some other reasons you may suggest UV tanning over spray tan.

Longer lasting results. A tan produced by UV rays typically last around 10 days without maintenance, especially because all skin types require a certain number of “build up” sessions to gradually deepen their tan. It’s ideal for when customers are going out of town, or when they don’t have a lot of time for frequent visits.

Less preparation. For successful spray tan results, the skin should be shaven, thoroughly exfoliated, and then left completely clean. Customers then have to avoid showering/sweating for at least 8 hours to allow the spray tan to fully develop. For UV tanning, it’s simply (strongly) suggested to apply a moisturizing indoor tanning lotion to keep the skin from drying out, and they’re good to go. Check out our blog on helping customers choose the best lotions, here!

Natural look. Since the UVB rays emitted from tanning lamps activate the melanin production in the skin, the glow that results from a tanning bed is the most identical looking to the tan that natural sunlight would produce.

More control. UV tanning is most effective by gradually building up the tan over a few sessions, so customers are able to control how dark they get over that time. Even during a session, tanners can get out of their bed before the time is up if they feel they have had enough exposure to achieve the color they want.

Spray Tanning

While we love the effects and features of a good tanning bed/booth, spray tanning is a method that can be more beneficial in certain circumstances. Some customers prefer it because it takes less time than a traditional tanning bed. Some like being able to choose a formula that best compliments their skin’s undertone, or gives them the undertone they wish they had. A real tanning connoisseur might even double dip – one session in a UV tanning bed, followed by a session in the spray booth for an expedited glow.

Ideal for fair skin. Every customer’s skin type should be evaluated during their first visit. People with skin type 1 (very fair) are not recommended to have long exposure to UV rays in any capacity, which makes spray tan the smartest way to achieve the natural golden look they desire.

Immediate results. Customers only need one spray tanning session to instantly create the deep dark tan they want without having to build it up, like they would in a UV tanning bed. If a customer has an event or trip coming up with little prep time, spray tanning is the most efficient way to get them the radiant look they need before jetting off.

Quick turnaround. Customers who come in for an automated spray tan will experience less wait time because spray booths, like the VersaSpa PRO and Mystic Tan Kyss, only take around 3 minutes start to finish, and self-clean after every session. With that kind of technology, you’ll be able to tan 6+ customers in one hour.

Okay for teens. In some states, customers under the age of 18 are not permitted to tan in a UV tanning bed. Spray booths give salons the opportunity to cater to those teens, especially during busy times like homecoming and prom.

No harmful reaction with medication.  It’s likely that we have all at some point taken medication from a bottle that advises us to stay out of sunlight due to a potential reaction UV exposure can bring on. That doesn’t mean we have to walk around with pale skin! Whether it’s a temporary prescription or long-term, spray tanning helps delivers customers with the bronzed skin they desire.

As a business owner, you never want to have to turn a customer away, especially when there are available means to serve them elsewhere. There are so many aspects to consider when you first build a salon that your tunnel vision for a successful opening might have only kept your focus on the basics. If you are in the process of opening a salon or expanding an existing location, contact ProSun’s salon business experts for more information on the best way to suit every customer’s needs and reach your business goals.

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