Opening A Tanning Salon or Wellness Spa? We Can Help!

We have a long history of providing the best equipment and guidance for your future success!
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Product Selection


The widespread line of ProSun and Luxura tanning systems offers a variety of options in power level, style and upgraded features. Our industry experts will help you choose the perfect mix of booths and beds to efficiently utilize space, cater to your specific clientele and maximize your return on investment.

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Financing Your Salon or Spa


When analyzing your budget and fiscal plan you will need to take into consideration how the cost of rent, insurance, company payroll and utilities will play into your equipment’s financing. This type of information, amongst other important factors, will help us assist you in choosing between buying or leasing, and electing a financing company that meets your needs.

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Equipment Installation


We will always recommend a professional installer to set up your beds upon arrival. We have built a strong rapport with an exceptional third party network qualified to help set up your equipment. Having your electrical system prepared in advance, as well as having an electrician present during installation, is the suggested arrangement to properly connect and test equipment. Using certified installers is the smoothest way to ensure your equipment is functioning properly from the start.

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ProSun can help walk you through the various details of insurance options for your business. Your success matters to us which is why our team wants to be sure your salon is covered and protected from any possible claims. Set up a call to discuss insurance possibilities that are best for your business.

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Business Cash-Flow Projections


Cash flow projection is assessed through several steps that examine your personal circumstances when it comes to influences such as electrical costs, fixed monthly expenditures, and time of year your business will open for usage percentage estimates. Determining an average number helps our team set you up with the equipment that will maximize your cash flow.

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Marketing & Salon Support


Advertising is essential, not only in generating awareness of the products and services you provide, but influencing how potential customers perceive your business. ProSun will help provide you with the appropriate imagery, flyers and advertising material that will showcase and promote why your salon is the place to be. In addition, we are always looking to promote customers on our social media and announce the new equipment in your salon!

Curious About Revenue?

AquaFrixio solutions for chiropractic clinics include the design of a custom AquaFrixio Zone floorplan, incorporating our best practices to help maximize your member usage rates and overall success.

Our designers help guide you on selecting the correct number of AquaFrixio units and models in your club, and the ideal layout to maintain the balance between privacy and member awareness. When packaged properly, you’ll experience a significant impact with your premium membership sales.

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Take The First Step

Starting a new business is thrilling, yet can seem intimidating when you lay out all of the many factors to consider. With over 35 years of industry experience, ProSun is here to help make your salon a success by guiding you in the direction that best fits your business needs. Our consultants are willing to share their expertise and provide you with the tools you need to thrive for as long as you choose to keep your doors open. This short and straight forward quiz will help us better assess what your desired set up is and how we can help you achieve it based on several key influences.

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Step 1 • Contact ProSun

Are you dreaming of owning your own salon or spa? Contact ProSun today to learn about how we can help you bring your dream alive. We're here to help.

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Step 2 • Business Creation

After contact our professional business development will contact you to ask a series of questions to better understand the type of salon or spa you plan to open.

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Step 3 • Business Plan

ProSun will then help you develop a professional business plan with all the information you need to head to your bank to get financing for an SBA qualified loan.

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Step 4 • Financing & Support

ProSun cares about our customers and want to assist them with future success. Offering Salon Support program after your doors open to ensure continued success.

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