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Hydro Massage System

The World’s First Trackless Hydro Massage System Every “body” is different. That’s why we created customized massages. With our software being more customizable than ever, it will suit anyone’s preference. Your hydro massage experience can be defined by setting duration and intensity of each zone. The settings allow to adjust the AquaFrixio’s water temperature from refreshingly cool to soothingly warm.

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aquafrixio hydro massage bed

AquaFrixio Features

The AquaFrixio is a one of a kind trackless hydro massage therapy system. This innovative unit will allow you and your customers to take full advantage of a water massage system with low maintenance. Get a massage anytime! Since the unit is independently operated, each user can start and stop their session at any time. An external timer system can be installed for business owners to control massage times when needed. The AquaFrixio is now an FDA approved Class 1 Medical Device.

A Water Massage, For Every "Body"

AquaFrixio Water Massage

  • trackless system icon

    Trackless System

    The AquaFrixio operates without a tracking mechanism and other moving parts.

  • smooth zone transitions icon

    Smooth Zone Transitions

    The AquaFrixio transitions from one zone to another in a smooth, relaxing manner.

AquaFrixio Software

  • adjustable pressure icon

    Adjustable Duration & Pressure

    Change the pressure for each massage point or extend the duration of a particular massage area.

  • adjustable temperature icon

    Adjustable Water Temperature

    The temperature can be set from refreshingly cool to soothingly warm, it's your choice!

AquaFrixio Massage Settings

  • custom massages icon

    Preset & Custom Massages

    Allow your customers to choose one of the pre-programmed custom massages or create a massage especially for areas they want to work on.

  • aqua abs icon

    AquaAbs Massage

    AquaAbs allows for abdominal targeting after a rigorous workout.

AquaFrixio Tech

  • music and media icon

    Integrated Media

    Set the mood with some music! Relax and enjoy music while receiving your massage.

  • myaquafrixio icon

    MyAquaFrixio Online Updates

    This online portal gives owners access to important information and real-time events. Owners have access to the newest features with online updates.

AquaFrixio Specifications

  • aquafrixio hydro massage bed
    AquaFrixio Water Massage System
    • Lamps
    • FSR Optional
    • Session Time
    • Customizable
    • Lamps
    • 110/220 V
    • Measurements
    • 42.57″W x 86″L x 46.35"H
    • Recommended Room Size
    • 9 ft. x 8 ft.
    • Shipping Weight
    • 300 lbs.

exploded view of water massage bed

The AquaFrixio is completely trackless, meaning there is no water-spraying-track that moves along the body. The AquaFrixio is the world’s first and only trackless system with 24 rotating nozzles in 6 stationary zones for the body which performs water through air to create a powerful jet stream. With our software being more customizable than ever, it will suit anyones preference. Your massage experience can be defined by setting duration and intensity of each zone. The settings allow to adjust the AquaFrixio’s water temperature from refreshingly cool to soothingly warm. The AquaFrixio and RenuvaSkin FSR are both controlled from one screen, one power source and one timer system. Users can select from preset or custom massage options with the optional red light. For the custom massage session, users have full control, meaning they can adjust areas they want massaged, pressure, and the duration for each zone. No additional staff is needed.


AquaFrixio Maintenance

Proper maintenance ensures the longevity of your equipment and that your units are operating at their full potential. Keeping a regular maintenance schedule will maintain the high quality of your equipment and ensure your clients are having the best experience possible.

After Each Session:
Clean the undersheet and pillow top

Clean computer touch display screen

Clean outside cover plates
Restart the computer
Wipe and vacuum fans and vents

Check the water level (start a massage session to see if there is a low water message)
Check net tension (push on the net to see if it’s sagging or can touch the jets)
Inspect all power cords and computer monitor cables

Semi Annual (6 Months):
Inspect exterior of the unit
Inspect all nozzles
Clean exterior of the unit
Add water conditioner
Inspection of level sensors
Drain and clean tub. Fill with 40 gallons of DISTILLED water and add conditioner (draining is not required but depends on customer preference)


AquaFrixio Warranty

LIMITED WARRANTY Revised January 2019

Warranty Period:

The limited warranty is as follows:

  • 10 year warranty on steel frame
  • 12 Months on Electronic Components.
  • 90 days on Labor.

(Note: additional labor warranty can be purchased at the time of purchase and renewed based on PROSUN’s discretion and availability.



AquaFrixio Hydro Massage Bed FAQs

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Why choose the AquaFrixio?
How do I clean the AquaFrixio?

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