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How To Make A Spray Tan Last

As winter quickly approaches, you might be worrying how to keep your summer glow. One of the best options to keep your summer tan this winter is to go sunless! Consider getting a spray tan soon and follow these tips to get the most for your money and have your spray tan last.

Spray Tan Tips

1.  Shower 5-8 hours prior to getting spray tan. This will allow for your skin to be at its best balanced pH level to evenly absorb the spray tan formula.

2. Exfoliate 2-3 days prior to spray tan appointment. Removing dead skin cells from exfoliating will help with preparing your skin for the best spray tan results.

3. Shave before getting spray tan. When shaving with a razor, not only to you remove hair, you are also removing a fine layer of dead skin which the spray tan is applied to.

4. Wear loose clothing and open toed shoes to tan appointment. Tight clothing can cause your spray tan to rub off on your clothing and leave blotchy spots on your skin.

5. Ask your technician what to do following your appointment. Not all spray tan formulas are the same and some need to be left on longer than others before washing away in the shower.

6. Avoid heavy sweating for at least 24 hours post appointment. Heavy sweating immediately after your spray tan appointment can cause streaking lines and blotching. So relax and avoid the gym for a day!

7. Moisturizing is key. Use a basic lotion that isn’t oil based and moisturize after each time showering.

8. Shower in cooler temperatures. Once it’s time to shower after your appointment, make sure you’re using lukewarm water and use shower gel that isn’t deeply moisturizing because these types of gel leave a residue on your skin that can affect your tan results.

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