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ProSun International, LLC is Attending the American Suntanning Association World Summit 2017

ProSun International, LLC is Attending the American Suntanning Association World Summit 2017 This Friday & Saturday!

On October 6-7, ProSun will be attending the ASA World Summit – Conference and Open Board Meeting in Nashville, TN. For this event, ProSun will be displaying digital media to showcasing their tanning beds and the Automated Spa (AquaFrixio + Red Light FSR)!

‘The American Suntanning Association (ASA) is the largest network of professional businesses dedicated to providing responsible indoor tanning services while increasing public awareness about the facts associated with moderate UV and spray-on tanning. The ASA educates the public about the many benefits of moderate indoor tanning while acknowledging the risks associated with over-exposure and other factors. The ASA works closely with doctors, state and federal governments to provide a positive experience for the 30 million Americans who enjoy responsible indoor tanning.’ [1]

According the ASA, this event will primarily focus on some of the most critical issues that the indoor tanning industry faces. Meetings will be head to discuss government regulations, legal actions, industry research, public relations, and more. Distributors and salon owners and managers will be focusing on their frontline sales and new product and services.

“We have designed our October 2017 event to bring all industry players to Nashville to celebrate being a part of the indoor tanning industry and to show everyone just how bright our future will be,” said ASA President, Melinda Norton.

ProSun will be located in booth #6 and will be displaying the following video:

To found out more information on these products:
X10, X7, X5, X3, V8, V6, Onyx, V3, the Automated Spa = AquaFrixio + Red Light FSR

After dedicating more than 35 years to the wellness and beauty industries, ProSun International provides growing opportunities with new and innovative profit centers for all beauty, wellness, and fitness facilities.  For more information on ProSun, visit the about page.

To stay tuned to all ASA Nashville social media posts and updates, check out #ASANashville17!


[1] Facebook, (2017) About :

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