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12 & 15 Minute, Level 3 & 4 Commercial Tanning Bed

An exemplary entry level bed in the Luxura line, the X3 does not fall short of our refined standards. Dependable and traditional design matched with cutting-edge technology makes the X3 the perfect tanning bed for a new salon or business looking to expand their amenities with indoor tanning.

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luxura x3 tanning bed

Luxura X3 Main Features

The Luxura X3 is the strong all-around tanning bed displaying a fresh, compact, and up-to-date design that comes in an elegant Pearl White color and made fun by Ambient Flow color changing lights. Clean lines and ease of use – the Luxura X3 tanning bed has it all.

Built for Your Business, Designed to Impress

We Like Sounds

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    The Luxura X3 comes with MyMP3 features. The X3 brings your tanners an audio experience they'll love!

We Like Ambiance

  • deco light icon

    Deco Light

    Deco light changes colors, giving the unit a dynamic appearance and adding an additional relaxation element to the tanning session.

We Like Efficiency

  • xl light icon

    XL Light

    The XL Light extra long lamps, which have a length of two meters, ensure an even, all-over tan.

Luxura X3 Specifications

  • luxura x3 tanning bed open
    Luxura X3 36 15Min
  • luxura x3 tanning bed open
    Luxura X3 36 12Min
    • Canopy Lamps
    • 20 x 160 Watts
    • 20 x 160 Watts
    • Bench Lamps
    • 16 x 120 Watts
    • 16 x 180 Watts
    • Facial Lamps
    • 3 x 400 Watts
    • 3 x 400 Watts
    • Session Time
    • 15 Minutes
    • 12 Minutes
    • Measurements
    • 90.2”L x 47.6”W x 61.4”H
    • 90.2”L x 47.6”W x 61.4”H
    • Recommended Room Size
    • 9ft x 9ft
    • 9ft x 9ft
    • Shipping Weight
    • 675lbs
    • 675lbs
    • Breaker
    • 3 Phase-30 Amp; Single Phase-40 Amp
    • 3 Phase-30 Amp; Single Phase-40 Amp
    • Buckbooster
    • 3 Phase-2*0.75 Kva; Single Phase- 1.0 Kva
    • 3 Phase–2*1.0 Kva; Single Phase – 0.75 Kva
    • Poles
    • 2 Pole 220V ( 2 hots and a ground)
    • 2 Pole 220V (2 hots and a ground)
    • TMAX Integrated
    • Yes
    • Yes
    • Quickstart Function
    • Yes
    • Yes
    • Adjustable Cooling
    • Yes
    • Yes
    • Ambient Flowlight
    • Yes
    • Yes
    • XL Lamps
    • Yes
    • Yes
    • Sound System w/ MyMP3
    • Yes
    • Yes
    • Digital Timer Display
    • Yes
    • Yes

luxura x3 tanning bed in white

Each model is equipped with 20 160-watt RUVA Canopy lamps, and three 400-watt face tanning lamps that can be switched on and off during tanning. Your choice between 120w or 180w lamps in the bench determine a maximum session time of either 12- or 15-minutes – perfect for keeping busy customers happy and facilitating quick a turnover. To reflect today’s trends and complement any décor, the X3 includes the DecoShield to produce atmospheric LED lighting effects during use.

The X3’s EasyClean click-profile makes maintenance as easy as can be: easy reach of lamps and facial filters – a fast way of cleaning and switching lamps. Whether you are a new salon looking for the basics, or an existing business wanting to integrate tanning into your services, the X3 is your perfect match.


Luxura X3 Maintenance

Proper maintenance ensures the longevity of your equipment and that your units are operating at their full potential. Keeping a regular maintenance schedule will maintain the high quality of your equipment and ensure your clients are having the best experience possible.

After Each Session:
Clean bench and canopy acrylics
Inspect facial glass (if applicable)
Ensure click strip is firmly in place
Clean and sanitize bed exterior using manufacturer approved cleaning solutions only. (Never use ammonia or bleach based cleaning solutions).

Inspect acrylic for cracks, wear, or hazing

Check voltage being supplied to bed to ensure it conforms with manufacturer’s guidelines
Inspect vent hoses for optimum ventilation
Clean all reflectors

Remove and clean the inside of both canopy and bench acrylic sheets
Dust the lamps
Wipe and vacuum fans, vents and vent hoses
Adjust shock tension (if needed)
Check combi set bolts for proper tightness
Check power cord and bench-to-canopy connector for tightness, wear, etc


Luxura X3 Warranty

LIMITED WARRANTY Revised January 2019

Warranty Period:

The limited warranty is as follows:

  • 10 year warranty on steel frame
  • 12 Months on Electronic Components.
  • 90 days on Labor.

(Note: additional labor warranty can be purchased at the time of purchase and renewed based on PROSUN’s discretion and availability.



Luxura X3 Tanning Bed FAQs

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