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ProSun proudly carries Devoted Creations indoor tanning lotions, formulated with supremely beneficial ingredients throughout their 15 unique product lines. These high quality, cruelty-free lotions are differentiated by the type of tan or skin conditioning it will help achieve, catering to nearly anyone’s preferences. Fun bottle designs and fresh scents will excite your customers and allow them to get the most out of every session while nourishing and rejuvenating their skin. Get in contact with the tanning experts at ProSun to have the perfect package designed for your salon!

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Commercial Salon Packages

This is your classic starter bundle. Designed for new salon owners who want a little of everything within an entry-level budget, our consultants will help you choose from a variety of the basic Devoted Creations bronzers, tinglers, blushers and accelerators that will satisfy all of your customer’s tastes. In addition to assisting in product choice, our experts can also break down suggested retail price, as well as cost per session, so you may see the value your salon and customers receive from each bottle.

Premium Lotion Packages

Our second level package is for salon owners who are ready to extend more of their budget on products to provide some higher quality lotion options to their customers and expand their store’s selection. Our experts are always happy to share the remarkable benefits of Devoted Creations lotions, so that any time you are ready to upgrade we can assist in getting you and your customers exactly what you’re looking for.

Classic Tanning Lotions

For the tanning connoisseurs who make a substantial amount of lotion sales, this package comes filled with all of the best Devoted Creations has to offer. Whether it’s a tingler that gets your customers fired up or a bronzer that gives the best afterglow, you want a huge selection and you’re ready to invest in high quality options. The possibilities are endless with this top level package, and our product specialists are always prepared to get exactly what you want on your shelves!

See What Our Clients are Saying About Us

Don’t just take our word for it, check out some of our five star reviews below:

Lotion User
The color is great after tanning and it really does continue to bronze after tanning. Lots say they do but do not. This has a pleasant smell and glides on easily. Also, the lotion doesn't rub off on clothes after tanning.
Angela P
Lotion User
Really nice smell, good quality, has already given me great results in only 3 ten minute indoor tan sessions. No weird itching and my skin is super soft.
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