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Professional Athletes find Valuable use for Tanning Beds

When it comes to professional sports, there aren’t many tactics that owners, managers or coaches won’t try to put their team a few steps ahead of the competition. Even more so when we consider a team with an enormously passionate fan base, such as Manchester United. Smart Tan recently took a look at Alex Ferguson, former manager of the world-renowned soccer club in the United Kingdom, who made an interesting addition to the team’s locker room back in 2012 to help combat the lack of natural sunlight in Manchester.

This may seem like a waste of time and resources to some, but they probably aren’t aware of the major effects vitamin D can have on the human body. Two major areas that directly impact an athlete’s abilities and resilience are muscle function and bone strength. Either of these can be improved with appropriate levels of vitamin D. Read more on the effects vitamin D has on the body here.

With a record 20 league titles, among others, the most successful club in England might be on to something with their “vitamin D booths,” (aka tanning booths). And not that any of these athletes need help in the looks department, but it definitely doesn’t hurt that they’ll sport a golden glow as a result.

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