About ProSun

ProSun International is a family-owned and operated manufacturer of tanning, beauty and wellness equipment. ProSun was founded in 1979 and today has a 70,000 square foot factory in St. Petersburg, Florida, where high-quality, commercial-grade equipment is made in-house and supplied worldwide. For more than 35 years, ProSun has provided tanning, beauty and wellness equipment to clients in a variety of industries.
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Why Choose ProSun?

ProSun® is progressive and forward thinking. We incorporate innovative technology, cutting edge design and engineering in every product; maximizing reliability and client satisfaction. Our company is committed to providing exceptional and consistent customer service.

Message From The Founder

“We are proud to be the company that is able to offer our customers the most cutting-edge tanning, beauty and wellness equipment on the market, all manufactured under one roof. At ProSun we value innovation and are constantly developing new technologies to exceed market expectations. Our AquaFrixio hydro massage therapy system combined with the RenuvaSkin FSR red light facial system was designed by our engineers and is the only system in the market that combines these two services through one display and one power source. We are proud to be a leader in the tanning industry for the last 35+ years and will continue to bring our customer base the highest quality equipment in the market.”

-Tom Henkemans, Founder of ProSun International LLC

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