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The Medical Industry is growing rapidly to includes wellness services for their patients. The knowledge that wellness services will help with health and well being has made doctors look at what services they can offer prior to treatments.
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Chiropractic clinics have been implementing the use of water massage therapy and infrared saunas as a pre or post treatment service. These treatments can help with soreness, stiffness and muscle tension, providing much needed relief for patients. Patients are adding on these paid services to their routine and generating additional revenue for these practices.

Wellness Chiropractic Zone Layouts

Medical Fitness facilities and Rehabilitation centers understand the importance of integrating wellness services such as water massage therapy and infrared saunas as a regular part of their treatments. Medical Fitness Centers offer patients a way to integrate their rehabilitation exercises with wellness services.

The AquaFrixio provides a water massage therapy treatment that can be used in combination with the patient’s treatment. While the massage therapist may only be able to see one patient per hour, with the water massage beds the practice can offer 4 sessions per hour. Offices are placing up to 2 units per room with a small division for privacy.

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Recommended Equipment Solutions For Chiropractic & Medical Facilities

With over 35 years of experience. ProSun has the market knowledge to help your medical center select equipment for your specific demographic to help you with continued success.

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ProSun is commited to providing the highest level of customer service possible. We want to help answer any questions you may have regarding your tanning and wellness equipment. If you dont see what you’re looking for in the options below please contact us. If you are looking for parts please visit our tanning and wellness parts page here.

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