Lay-down Bed

Used Soltron M-60 Banana Beach

Banana Beach’s bold, fruity look will spread a summer feeling in the depths of winter. An eye-catching surface finish in a quality combination of high-gloss and matte, two lighting elements in hot Banana Beach design and inviting interior lighting – who wouldn’t want a spell in the sun? Shed your threads and enjoy all the summer has to offer! If you have the beach all to yourself, like the M-60 Banana Beach, it’s certain to put your salon customers in a summer mood!

BED HOURS: Not Available

  • Lamps:
  • 43/160W, 3/520W FACIAL
  • Session Time:
  • 12 MINUTE
  • Dimensions:
  • 93X53X69
  • Units Available:
  • 1
  • Starting Price:
  • $8,995
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