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Used Ergoline Advantgarde 600 Tanning Bed

The Ergoline Advantgarde 600 Tanning Bed is one of the most beautiful tanning beds ever! It is one of the most desirable tanning beds that Ergoline have ever created. It has a unique body made from sculpted acrylic with incline. It has a sparkling starlight visual effects canopy for the extra visual effects! Ergoline Avantgarde Features:47- 160W VHO Lamps3- 500W High Pressure Facial Tanners7 shoulder tanners 12 Minute Max Tan Time

  • Lamps:
  • 47/170W LAMPS, 3/300-520W FACIALS, 7/25W SHOULDER TANNERS
  • Session Time:
  • 12 MINUTE
  • Dimensions:
  • 87x48x57
  • Units Available:
  • 1
  • Starting Price:
  • $8,995
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