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Customer Connection: Triple T Tanning, Active Wear and More

Customer Connection: Triple T Tanning, Active Wear and More

Triple T Tanning & Active Wear, in Mondovi, WI, is the area’s leading tanning salon serving Mondovi, Eau Claire, Durand and surrounding areas.

“We are a tanning salon with red light therapy and active and lounge wear for the whole family. We are 3 small town women who like to offer affordable clothing and to show people what red light therapy can do for our clients!” 

Q: How did you find out about ProSun?
“We found ProSun online and opened February 2, 2018.”

Q: Which product(s) did you purchase from ProSun?
“We have the Onyx tanning beds and 2 red light therapy beds. We are looking at the AquaBella system.”


Q: What appealed to you must about our products? What do you customers think?
“We love the sleek look and that they’re easy to operate. They love it.”

Q: Do you have many competitors?
“No we don’t, and that’s our advantage.”

Q: How do people hear about your location?
“We have a a Facebook page and a web page. We also put flyers out.” @TripleT2018

Q: Was your location designed specifically for tanning use?
“We only have 1 location and it was a bank. We use the old vault as a dressing room for our line of active wear.”

Q: How much do customers pay? Memberships? per use? per month?
“We don’t have any memberships. We charge by the sessions.”

Q: Do you offer other amenities/services?
“We sell products for nutrition and active wear and products for tanning and red light.”


Q: What would you estimate would be the total amount of tanning sessions per week?
“We are open 7 days a week and 11 hours Monday thru Friday,
9 hours on Saturday,
5 hours on Sunday.
We average 30 to 50 customers a day.”

Q: Are your members typically men or Women that use these services?
“Because we have the tanning and red light, our clients are men and women and all ages from 17 to 68.”

Q: Do you feel that you have gotten a good Return on Investment with these services?
“So far, yes.”

Q: Would you recommend our products and services to other businesses?

Thank you for starting up your salon with us! We’re glad you and your customers love our products, and we hope you continue to grow and succeed!

If you would like to obtain more information on our red light beds or our commercial tanning equipment, please contact us!

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