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Red Hot New Product Alert!

As technology in beauty advances, we see more salons expanding their equipment and service selection to cater to additional clients and keep up with industry breakthroughs. Most routine services have their accessory products (for example, when stylists recommend dry shampoo that will help maintain your fresh blow out), and when it comes to tanning, red light, and skin care – Devoted Creations has something for everybody.

The newest addition to their already luxurious Collagenetics skin care system is the 2-in-1 LOTION PRO, formulated for tanners who want to utilize both a red light bed and tanning bed in the same day. This exciting new lotion is recommended for use after exfoliation and pre-tanning/red light, and customers should apply this 2-in-1 product to their entire body to amplify the benefits of their beauty sessions.

Filled with the highest quality of ingredients like Kollaren™ and Renovage, which work to firm and hydrate while increasing collagen production, this lotion seemingly rewinds time to reveal younger fresher looking skin.  As if that isn’t appealing enough, multiple tanning accelerators are blended in to speed up the tanning process for dark and fast results.

Devoted Creations scientifically formulated this product to work in conjunction with the rest of their Collagenetics line, or alone, to help erase the appearance of aging and restore the skin’s youthful look. The 2-in-1 PRO’s ability to accentuate both red light and tanning results not only makes this product extremely convenient, but cost-efficient for customers who want to receive red light and tanning services regularly but are hesitant about having to repeatedly re-purchase two separate products.

Check out our previous blog on the full Collagenetics line by Devoted Creations, or contact our product experts at ProSun for more information about getting this innovative line on your customer’s “must have” list.

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