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Best Indoor Tanning Lotions 2019

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At ProSun we get a lot of questions about choosing the best indoor tanning lotions for 2019. We decided to take a poll from some our customers and wanted to share the feedback on what’s hot/selling from Devoted Creations. Here’s what our customers chose as their favorites in each (price) category:

Best Higher End Bronzer: Matte Black

Matte Black’s insanely dark bronzing and a long list impressive of skin enhancing ingredients made the top of our list. Charcoal extract to promote clear skin, special formula to counteract the “orange” look, cellulite fighting & toning, hydration system repairing cell damage and increases collagen production for firmer, younger looking skin… Referred to as a “spa in a bottle” . DHA cosmetic bronzers have an instant tan effect. It’s easy to see why this lotion was chosen as #1. Totally worth the splurge!

We also like: Black Obsession™ Ultra-Mattifying Black Bronzer (with truffle oil)
Let’s Flamingle™ Super cute bottle has a redness reducer plus lots more!

Best Tan Accelerator : Somewhere on a Beach

The official summer lotion; with anti-aging peptides, and FreshTek™ which deodorizes and eliminates after tan odor, a must-have for the hot summer months! Not only was this the customer favorite but also a ProSun staff favorite, not to mention its smells Amazing.

Also try: New™ Ultra-Mattifying Black Bronzer with argan oil

Best Higher Natural Bronzer: Color Karma

This DHA free bronzer has all the benefits of high end bronzers plus added bonus of body-shimmer to sparkle all day! Customers love the unique Cotton Candy Crush scent, very trendy hot seller!

Best Newcomer: White 2 Black: Natural Bronzer™

Classic Favorite:

White 2 Black has been the consistent best seller for years now with some updates to the collection. The simple formula of ridiculously strong bronzer has remained popular while adding some new variations along the way such as White 2 Black Hemp, Pomegranate and New Natural formula.

Best Affordable Lotion:

We actually had a tie this year with Devoted Creations newest line in the Glamour Collection All Black Everything and ever popular Power Player lotion. With incredible bronzing power at an affordable price, you can still get your summer glow on without breaking the bank!

What we love: Fun on trend packaging, appeals to gyms & salons, STRONG bronzer

Best Mid-Priced Bronzer: Mermaid Majesty

If the adorable packaging hasn’t already sold you (mermaids are still everywhere right now), this fragrant lotion has all the fancy ingredients plus some unique extras Hawaiian Seaweed & Starfruit Extract, Vitamin C, Omega 3 to protect skin, Freshtek odor absorber & extra cooling essence.

Best Tingle: Fuel My Fire

Not for the faint of heart! Finally a tingle lotion with all the “extras”.

Also try: White 2 Black: Tingle™ with Bronzer

Best non UV Tanning:

Norvell products continue to be the spray tan clients favorite in both salon spay and take home product. ProSun now distributes all Norvell products, ask your sale representative for details!

A little about lotion features and ingredients:

Bronzer: Contains DHA or extra cosmetic bronzer for immediate tanning results.
Tan Accelerator: Stimulates melanin production in your skin to bring out your natural color. Best to alternate with bronzers for maximum tanning results.
Natural Bronzer: Natural bronzers provide immediate results without streaking or staining.
Color Correcting: Contains blue neutralizing color to combat “orange” effect. As with cosmetics, blue neutralizes orange as it is opposite on the color wheel.
Tingle: In addition to bronzing, gives a tingling sensation on your skin after you apply the lotion, not recommended beginner tanners.

ProSun offers monthly lotions package specials with Devoted Creations products. You can check those out here!

If you have a favorite indoor tanning lotion or have a question about our best indoor tanning lotion list drop us a line below!

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