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The World-Wide Exclusive Technology You’ll Want in Your Business

In an ever evolving and innovative society, businesses are constantly trying to keep up with the latest and greatest product or service for their company and customers. Whether it’s a corporation striving to implement new wellness benefits, spas offering the newest in beauty services, or hotels expanding with exclusive amenities, the end goal is always the same – provide the very best to customers, stand out from the competition, and generate revenue. On the flip side, consumers are relentlessly searching out the very best product or service that won’t waste their time or money.

ProSun has dedicated many years developing the ideal product to provide a timeless luxury service that benefits a huge demographic across a wide spread of industries. The AquaFrixio is the world’s first and only trackless hydro massage system, equipped with sleek European design and all the benefits of a professional “hands on massage.” Now, in combination with our RenuvaSkin FSR red light canopy, the unit becomes a unique automated spa that no other company in the world provides. A single dynamic, yet efficient product, that will help various businesses reach their goals by exciting customers and keeping maintenance costs low.

In questioning why the average person doesn’t go for a massage or other spa treatment regularly, the common feedback is that it’s too time consuming, too expensive, or too uncomfortable. And when it comes to personal wellbeing, we don’t believe any of these drawbacks should ever be a factor. Anyone using the AquaFrixio + FSR can effortlessly operate the unit on its easy-to-navigate 21” touch screen display, allowing them to choose from a combination of owner controlled settings for their own customized spa and wellness experience. Settings range from length of massage, water temperature and pressure, to preferred target areas and duration of attention in those areas. Though the unit utilizes water to perform its powerful massage, users will never come in contact with any liquids, and can remain completely clothed for the duration of the massage.

Our RenuvaSkin FSR red light system uses lamps that emit zero UV rays and targets the most cared for and exposed areas of the skin – the face, chest and hands. Users can select whether to activate the red light with their massage or if they prefer, enjoy either service singly. Customers will end their session feeling relaxed and refreshed from dual red light and massage services.

While the AquaFrixio and FSR can be operated day and night without supervision, the MyAquaFrixio online portal allows owners and managers to monitor the status of their unit whenever and wherever they want. Important information, such as the number of sessions ran in a day and software updates for new features are just some of the elements to the portal. In addition, 24 hour monitoring of your unit’s water levels and functionality is performed directly by our service team at no extra cost, ensuring complete peace of mind for the owners and managers of this product.

Most, if not all, unassisted hydro massage units are based upon a tracking system. Not only does it make the massage feel completely different, but this type of system has a tendency to create frequent maintenance issues. You can imagine how a tracking system in a unit or “tank” filled with water can cause problems, like numerous moving parts breaking down or falling off the track, inducing down time and high maintenance costs. The AquaFrixio does not have any moving parts and rather consists of various stationary zones with a total of 24 rotating nozzles, creating a pulsating and more hands-on massage. This massage provides wider reach and thorough coverage on different areas of the body. The entire unit is self-contained, meaning no additional external heating or cooling system is needed.


Massage has many proven health benefits, from improving sleep quality, loosening tense muscles, boosting energy and helping manage stress, to name a few. In as little as 15 minutes on the AquaFrixio, users will feel the relaxing effects of this one of a kind hydro massage. And the benefits are applicable in almost any industry. Check out our previous blogs on the many perks that businesses and customers come upon by incorporating the AquaFrixio and FSR into corporate, fitness, spa and hospitality facilities.

Similarly to hotels, community living can offer this unique amenity to residents and implement it as a rent-inclusive or pay-to-play amenity, allowing residents the opportunity to create a healthy lifestyle right from where they live. The AquaFrixio is also used in chiropractic offices, allowing patients to utilize waiting time by loosening up before their appointment and permitting doctors to make even better adjustments. For this same reason, massage therapists will find the assistance of the AquaFrixio beneficial for their clients pre-manual massage.

The AquaFrixio and FSR run off one timer system, one control screen and one power source. Effectively, it provides two products and services on one convenient 7’ x 3’ footprint, without requiring additional staff, a separate room or plumbing. Its anti-bacterial marine leather top and detachable head rest makes cleaning a breeze and allows for quick turnaround time.

Adding ProSun’s automated spa, the AquaFrixio and RenuvaSkin FSR red light, to your facility sets your business apart with unique services and amenities and allows you to become an industry leader in your area. For more information on this innovative equipment, contact ProSun to speak to one of our product experts.

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