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Customer Connection: Splash Tan

Customer Connection: Splash Tan

“We are Splash Tan! We are located in the Wolf Ranch Shopping Center in Georgetown, TX – just north of Austin. We offer UV tanning, spray tanning, airbrushes, and hydro massage.”

Q: How long have you provided tanning?
“We have provided UV tanning since opening in 2006, but decided on ProSun in 2016.”

Q: How did you find out about ProSun?
“Through Internet searches and research.”

Q: Which product(s) did you purchase from ProSun?
AquaFrixio massage bed and the complete Luxura series!” (X3, X5, X7, X10, V6, & V8)

Q: What appealed to you most about our products?
“The sleek design and high quality of the luxury products.”

Q: What specific features do you and/or your customers like most about our equipment?
“We like the luxury tanning beds and their results. Customers with muscle soreness or medical conditions enjoy the warmth and options from the massage bed.”

Q: How has our equipment benefit you and/or your business?
“It fits our renovation so well. The beds help to keep a very pleasing color scheme. The beds have amazing results and our customers rave about the color they get. They love hopping in the massage bed while waiting on a tanning bed to open up.”

                BEFORE:                                                                                                                          AFTER:

Q: Were there any obstacles or concerns you had prior to purchasing our equipment?

Q: Would you recommend our products and services to other businesses?
“Yes. I would recommend the tanning beds without a doubt. Out of all the beds I’ve tanned in, Luxura beds are by far the best.”

Q: Where do they locate the equipment/how do customers get access to the beds?
“Each customer has an individual room they are assigned to when they come in.”


Q: Are your customers typically men or women?
“We have a fair mix of both, more women than men though.”

Q: What do you charge per use? per month?
“It depends on the level. Level 5 we charge the most because it tans you faster, level 1 is cheaper because it takes longer to see color but does build your base tan.” 

Walk in prices:                              EFT Month Prices:

Level 1- $8.80                                     $32.99

Level 2- $11                                        $43.99

Level 3- $13.20                                  $54.99

Level 4- $16.50                                  $71.49

Level 5- $24.20                                  $109.99

Visit Splash Tan’s website for more info:

Q: What are your total tanning sessions per month?
“We have busy season and slow season. Busy season is usually mid February to about mid September. Slow season lasts from October to January.”

Q: How do you bring in new customers?
“We use social media pages and advertisements through Facebook and Groupon.”

Q: Was the space they use for tanning equipment designed specifically for tanning equipment use?
“Walls have been built to make the individual rooms.”

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