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From Basic Hotel to Dream Destination

Flight and hotel reservations, check. Packed bags, check. Exhaustion and stress, double check. Even when the purpose for travel is getting away from the hassle of every day life, the process can be fatiguing both mentally and physically. Now, many hotels cater to their tense travelers with onsite spas, providing an array of pampering services. And with innovative technology and engineering, several of these highly requested spa services, including massage, no longer require additional staff to be implemented by economic, boutique or large luxury hotels.

Massage is the most sought after spa treatment, and for good reason. The basic benefits of massage are stress and headache relief, improved quality of sleep and an increase in energy and focus. Additionally for travelers, massage can greatly reduce muscle tension and pain, a common consequence of staying seated in planes, cars, boats or trains for hours at a time. Because so many see massage as a relaxing indulgence, they fail to recognize that regular massages can actually provide a huge service to their overall health. Whether hitting the road for business or pleasure, the following added benefits are sure to make the trip more productive and enjoyable.

  • Improved circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids, reducing swelling and dry skin that commonly can occur during flight
  • Releases toxins from the body, helping fight common colds and illnesses often associated with traveling
  • Promotes proper health and function of the muscles
  • Relaxes the body and mind, sparking creativity and productivity

Not having to leave the premises to enjoy a luxury spa amenity is ideal for families traveling with children, business executives who have meetings or conferences close to or within the hotel, and even guests who simply didn’t book means for local transportation.

Hoteliers now have the option to provide the amenity of an automated spa experience with ProSun’s AquaFrixio hydro massage bed. The 7’ x 3’ self-contained unit is operated by the guest on an easy-to-navigate touch screen control monitor, and contains no moving parts which means low operational and maintenance costs. Guests who need to relax but don’t necessarily have time to book a full spa session can receive a complete head-to-toe customizable massage in as little as 10 minutes. Guests also remain fully clothed and never come in contact with liquids or chemicals, ensuring comfort, privacy and convenience.Image that displays bed and leads to AquaFrixio webpage for more information By providing the unique amenity of the AquaFrixio, big and small hotels alike attract new customers, and feel confident they will turn into their guest’s favorite destination, every time.

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