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Diversify Your Way to Becoming an Automated Tanning Spa

Indoor UV tanning is a long standing beauty ritual that many men and women still love to follow. Though, within any industry, innovative products and services expand customers’ current favorites and also interest entirely new fans. Diversifying your tanning salon with various beauty amenities, especially those that don’t require hands-on staff to operate, is an exciting way to attract new customers, generate additional streams of revenue, and become an industry leader in your area.

There are endless ways to make your salon stand out, maybe it’s adding in a juice/smoothie bar or selling boutique-like clothing and jewelry. Maybe you’ll team up with a relative local business to incorporate their product into your business, and vice versa. However, automated spa and wellness products are what beauty lovers are recently flocking to because they are effective, convenient, and private experiences. And having a combination of them in one place (your salon) will give customers even more of a reason to choose you.

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Spray Tanning – Spray tanning isn’t exactly new, although formulas, booth styles and features are always evolving and improving. For customers who aren’t comfortable in a traditional tanning bed, who don’t necessarily want to go to a public sun bathing area, or be seen by a spray tan technician – automated spray tan booths are it. Booth models like the VersaSpa PRO can have fun features like automated voice instructions, and heated passes between each spray for clarity and comfortability. In both the VersaSpa PRO and Mystic Tan Kyss model, the booths self-clean and drain after each 3 minute spray session, offering the opportunity to tan 6+ customers in 1 hour.

Red Light – Red light has become a huge hit because of its innovative technology and popularity amongst celebrities. Although the equipment is adorned in bright lamps similarly to a tanning bed, red light is completely UV free. But that doesn’t mean this service will only appeal to those who don’t prefer UV tanning. It’s actually quite common for customers to double dip – going from one bed (tanning) to the other (red light) while at the salon. This provides the opportunity to create exclusively red light packages, combined tanning/red light packages, as well as up-sell with red light products such as lotions and serums.

AquaFrixio hydro massage – Massage is a classic luxury spa service that many people do not treat themselves to too often, if at all. Whether it’s the cost, the length of the service, or the uncomfortableness of being touched by a stranger, they’re all deterrents for receiving a service that is relaxing and has a ton of health benefits. The AquaFrixio was created to cater to people who prefer to stay completely clothed and receive a thorough customized massage in as little as 10 minutes. The unit is space efficient and contains no moving parts, requiring zero-to-low maintenance and generating a rapid return on investment. Through an online portal, the unit’s water level and temperature is monitored 24/7 for complete peace of mind for the owner and manager of the product. Additionally, the AquaFrixio can be combined with the red light FSR canopy that operates on the same touch screen control and timer system, so customers can conveniently receive two services at once.

Automated spa equipment is the future of the beauty industry. While spa and beauty professionals are still highly valued and necessary in the success of the industry, automated products give businesses like tanning salons the opportunity to offer the latest and greatest services to their customers, without the additional cost it would typically take for employees to perform them.

For more information on diversifying your business with automated spa services, contact one of our tanning salon experts here at ProSun!

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