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The Automated Spa by ProSun International

PProSun International, Introduces World’s First Automated Spa!

ProSun International has been engineering beauty and wellness equipment for over 35 years, and now has created the ultimate combination in the wellness industry. ProSun brings your business the world’s first and only Automated Spa!

It’s never been easier to look & feel great, thanks to ProSun’s Automated Spa! Users will benefit from the dual wellness systems, the RenuvaSkin red light technology and the AquaFrixio hydro massage, to discover their radiance and prioritize their relaxation.

The Automated Spa features:

  • User-friendly Touch Screen to operate dual service
  • One Power SourceAutomated Spa Touch Screen
  • 24/7 Remote Assistance
  • Integrated Media
  • Internal & External timers for up to 15 min sessions
  • Adjustable: Temperature, Pressure, Duration, Massage Zones

About the hydro massage:

  • Trackless system for a smooth hands-on feel
  • 24 rotating nozzles air assisted jet stream
  • Anti-bacterial top
  • Pre-set & custom massages
  • Modular Design

About the FSR red light:

  • Powerful red light technology helping users look & feel their best
  • Relaxing, no heat light
  • 100% UV free
  • Benefits users of all ages, genders, & skin types
  • Luxury design & comfort

How it benefits your business:

  • Dual service to appeal to a variety of clients
  • Expanding your businesses amenities
  • Operates as a perk or pay asset
  • Generates a new revenue
  • Significant return on investment
  • Low operation costs
  • Boosts customer retention rate
  • Clients can independently operate equipment – no additional staff required
  • Marketable to many demographics: Fitness, Medical, Spa, Hospitality, Corporate, Salon, Community Living

In only 15 mins, this revolutionary wellness technology is sure to leave your clients feeling rested and radiant, not only benefiting them, but also your business. ProSun incorporates this innovative technology and cutting edge design to maximize your business and client’s satisfaction and reliability. Finance options available.

Visit ProSun to harness the power of the Automated Spa!

Watch below to see more about the feature, demonstration, and overall appeal of the Automated Spa:

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