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AquaFrixio Hydro Massage System Brings Benefits for Users & Owners

ProSun is perfectly positioned to bring convenient and affordable massage into its range of offerings. The AquaFrixio Hydro Massage massage unit undoubtedly promotes good feelings of wellness by providing a deep-penetrating and soothing all over body hydro massage that promotes the feeling of relaxation and stress relief.

In recent years, automated massage has increasingly been embraced as a legitimate form of muscle manipulation with seemingly far reaching benefits in the fitness industry. In fact, we are seeing significant growth opportunities for automated massage beyond the day spa; health clubs, fitness clubs and tanning salons are also eager to provide this type of service to their customers.

Benefits to Company Owners

One of the unique advantages to this automated massage bed that you will not find in any other bed being manufactured is the patented trackless system. Other beds sold on the market feature nozzles on a track system that move up and down the length of the bed. As you might imagine, this can cause problems when the nozzles fall out of their tracks or the movement mechanisms inevitably start deteriorating. In contrast, the AquaFrixio beds have no moving parts. The obvious advantage with this is that it dramatically cuts down on the need to service the bed in order to re-seat the nozzles. These beds experience far fewer breakages as a result and will last longer.

The netting system used in the AquaFrixio units are also unique among this type of massage bed. The netting is a critical feature that both holds the customer up while allowing the all-important massage to pass through. In most beds, each individual strand of the netting is connected to the outer frame. As the netting ages and begins to sag, there is very little that can be done aside from replacing the entire net. With AquaFrixio, the netting is attached to a frame like structure that can be removed with a few simple turns of a screwdriver. This allows you to adjust the tension of the net as the net naturally begins to loosen with use. In this way, the life of the net is greatly increased and replacement costs go way down.

Filling the bed with water takes only minutes and is simple with the incorporated funnel opening. As an additional revenue stream, the benefits of including AquaFrixio massage units are solidly positive. Customers are absolutely on board with the idea of receiving a great massage from the same trusted source that provides them with a great workout, tan or other valuable service. The bottom line is the increased perceived value of the entire range of services. This will only serve to better foster higher customer retention while amping up the attractiveness for future customers.

Businesses can expect a quick return on investment (ROI) and low maintenance costs to be associated with the units. With the 120V and 20 Amp set-up, installation is a breeze. Since users control their own massage experience via the included wide screen monitor and touchscreen software, it’s not necessary to hire extra staff to manage the units.

Benefits to Users

AquaFrixio massage users benefit in several ways:

  • Deep, penetrating, powerful full body massage
  • Undertakes the job of relieving from muscle soreness and tension due to exercise
  • Total user control over the massage via programmable iPad and included software (adjust to your own level of pressure and firmness)
  • No contact with any sort of chemicals, oils or other liquids
  • Not necessary to remove clothing in order to enjoy
  • Dial the temperature up or down to suit your taste and comfort level

Still Have Questions?

If you would like to chat with someone who can answer all of your AquaFrixio questions, we’ve got you covered. Just email or call 800.874.2776 and we’ll make sure you get all the information you need.

Disclaimer: This product not intended or guaranteed to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any injury or illness and should not be considered medical advice or substitute for recommendations of an attending doctor.

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