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Post workout hydro massage

Many people see a massage as a luxury, a “treat yourself” experience when they are looking to relax. But more importantly, massage can provide health benefits, especially for athletes and those who are in the fitness industry or simply live active life styles. The reparative and performance accelerating effects of massage are significant, and it’s crucial that active individuals put as much thought into their recovery as they do their workout. With hydro massage becoming a very sought after amenity, many industries are starting to implement this type of product into their businesses, offering clients a more unique way of receive their massage.

When participating in vigorous activity, muscles within the body will experience miniscule tears that will then repair themselves, causing the muscles to grow. These tears are what cause us to feel sore after intense exercise. If not properly treated, the soreness that occurs will typically gradually get worse in the following days before it gets better. Massage can help relieve pain and speed up the repair by increasing blood flow to the muscle and releasing the lactic acid that builds during a workout.

The AquaFrixio hydro massage bed is ideal for facilities that would like to offer clients a thorough and relaxing massage, without the hassle or expense of hiring the appropriate staff. With easy to navigate touch screen technology, each user has total control of their massage and can customize it to their desired settings. Users remain fully clothed and won’t come in contact with any oils, chemicals or other liquids. Members will be hooked on the positive effects their powerful and personalized hydro massage provides.

Another trick for helping relieve muscle tension and soreness is putting the muscles in contact with heat for periods of time. When heat and pressure are applied to tightened muscles, they “unlock” and original range of motion is restored, improving flexibility and the ease of performing everyday tasks. Because the AquaFrixio allows for personalized settings, users can target overworked areas of their body with their desired water pressure and temperature.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, massage is also great for: [1]

• Helping athletes monitor muscle tone
• Promoting relaxation
• Improving soft tissue function
• Supporting recovery from the transient immunosuppression state
• Supporting the recovery of heart rate variability and diastolic blood pressure after high-intensity exercise.
• Improving exercise performance
• Reducing serum creatine kinase post exercise
• Reducing swelling
• Reducing breathing pattern disorders
• Enhancing athletic performance
• May help prevent injuries when massage is received regularly

ProSun is proud to offer the AquaFrixio to fitness facilities and other businesses, giving them the ability to expand their amenities, clientele base, and membership packages. AquaFrixio requires zero-to-low maintenance due to no moving parts, increasing revenue and generating a rapid return-on-investment. For more information on how you can provide your members with the most complete wellness experience of hydro massage, contact ProSun at

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