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ProSun Releases New Model of World’s Only Trackless Hydro Massage

ProSun International, released the latest features for the 2018 AquaFrixio hydro massage bed.

St. Petersburg, FL, USA  – ProSun International introduces new and improved features to their ultimate wellness experience, the AquaFrixio hydro massage system. After more than 35 years in the beauty and wellness industry, they continue to transform the quality of wellness products. ProSun’s AquaFrixio is the world’s first and only trackless hydro massage system and continues to offer benefits to a variety of industries.

The AquaFrixio 2018 Model now includes a new software and operating system. This user-friendly system now has a better and faster Wi-Fi connectivity process along with an updated service portal. The updated service portal allows AquaFrixio owners to receive more information about their unit and monitor its usage with our 24/7 monitoring system.

The software now offers a “Demo Mode” option that allows staff or owners to bypass an external timer or key fob system providing users with a 3 minute massage. During this trial massage session time, users will have full access to the unit’s massage options leaving them feeling refreshed and ready for more, giving owners or staff the perfect opportunity to promote and gain more memberships, packages or future single use sales.

The AquaFrixio hydro massage 2018 model provides a stronger pressure for a deeper massage on any of the pre-set or custom settings. The pre-set massage options include programs for full body, upper body, lower body, and AquaAbs. The AquaFrixio is unique in the market with the “Custom Massage” feature which allows users to target specific areas of the body while having complete customization of location, pressure, and duration. This is perfect for any user that has had an accident or has a problem area where they cannot be massaged. Normally these users would not be able to enjoy the benefits of hydro massage sessions, but with this feature they can skip certain zones or have low pressure in those areas. If they decide to skip the zone all together then the smooth transition between each zone will still allow for a continuous flow without ever losing pressure.

The AquaFrixio was developed by ProSun in order to provide a different type of hydro massage system. Unlike other massage beds, the AquaFrixio is a completely trackless system, based on stationary zones with 24 rotating nozzles. Rather than a feeling of pressure on the one area of the body as the track passes, this unit uses the nozzles in each zone to create a pulsating, hands-on feel sensation. Any user can control the software, making the AquaFrixio one of the most user friendly touch screens in the market. The massage system can be placed in a separate room or out in the open since the unit is stand-alone and does not require any additional parts. The cooling system is top of the line allowing for facilities to have back to back sessions. The temperature is also easily controlled in the settings for your location’s preferences, whether you want to create a hot massage at 95 degrees or keep it cooler. Each unit is connected via Wi-Fi to allow for service monitoring and receive any software upgrades. This creates for low and easy maintenance when properly cared for!

The AquaFrixio is a great addition for any business. The AquaFrixio has helped fitness centers create new membership packages, housing facilities create an exciting new amenity, and medical centers offer a great pre-treatment service. In the beauty market, such as salons and spas, the AquaFrixio can diversify product range and create new elite packages, like unlimited monthly uses. The AquaFrixio can also be combined with ProSun’s red light equipment to create a whole new service.

Contact ProSun to learn more information about what the AquaFrixio can do for your business and see how they can help you create an additional profit center in your business.

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