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Used Ergoline Classic 600 Tanning Bed

The Ergoline Classic 600 is high performance bed.  It has 50 full length VHO-RUVA tanning lamps for the body as well as four adjustable VIT 2.3 high pressure facial lamps. To round out your even tan this unit includes 5 shoulder tanning lamps. The powerful 5-station airflow system will keep you comfortable while you tan. This tanning system dramatically enhances melanin production and maximizes the oxidation process providing dramatic tanning results.


  • Lamps:
  • 50/160W LAMPS, 4/300-520W FACIALS, 5/25W SHOULDER TANNERS
  • Session Time:
  • 12 MINUTE
  • Dimensions:
  • 92X51X52
  • Units Available:
  • 15
  • Starting Price:
  • $8,995
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