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6 Ways To Improve Your Customer Experience

Creative Ideas Any Salon Can Do to Improve Their Customer Experience
Customer experience is one of the most important considerations for your business. A clean environment, professional staff, and proficient appointment booking systems are a definite when it comes to your customers. But what will keep them interested in your salon’s brand? Whether you’re starting up a tanning salon, or experiencing a slow season during the summer, your business could use some helpful ideas to promote a better customer experience to have clients continuously coming in the door.

The following are 6 creative ways to enhance your customer experience which will overall increase your customer retention rate:

  • Create a music friendly environment.
    Having the option of music will develop a better setting while people tan – through  peaceful sounds for the user to relax or one of the top recent hits to make them feel excited to be there. This could be as simple as having each room accessible to play any device the customer brings in that plays music, such as an iPod using Bluetooth, or plugging in a phone to a sound system. If you have a Spotify, Pandora, or YouTube Red account, you can create a custom playlist for your customers to listen to based off feedback or the style of your salon. It’s possible to create a playlist for each customer, for each holiday, or take recommendations of what they would like to hear while tanning.
  • Have a specific theme for your salon/tanning rooms.
    Creating a theme for you salon or each room that contains a bed/booth will appeal to your customer’s visual aesthetics. Decide the type of feel you want them to have while visiting your tanning salon. Have your rooms tropical themed with palm trees and water colors to make them feel like they’re escaping to the beach, or safari themed with warm colors and African artifacts to make them feel like they’re in a completely new environment. Your customers are receiving a luxury treatment and would want to feel comfortable – especially since most people tan naked. At the very least, keep the room at a pleasant temperature so they don’t feel too exposed or start to sweat.

  • Offer promotional packages for existing and new clients.
    Deals and promotions are what will have customers keep visiting which will build the business relationship you want for your salon. You will want to have separate promotions for existing clients to either tan more often or have them bring in new people as well as for new clients to see if you’re the right salon for them. Come up with fun slogans for your promotions and keep them revolving so it always seems like something new is going on in your salon. Here are some examples:
    • Bridal Party – This package will attract multiple people to receive a special treatment for someone’s bachelorette party because they will especially want to look their best for all the photos coming up. This way if they enjoy their treatment, the rest of the party may keep coming back.
    • Happy Hour – During slow season or your least busy hours, create an opportunity that’s more tempting to visit such as 50%. It’s better to have customers in the booths than not at all!
    • Email Alerts – Send out emails with discount codes or events that your salon has approaching or share new products or beds you have. Let your customers be aware of all opportunities and feel a part of your tanning community.
    • Social Media Promo Codes – One of the newest ideas on social media is for Instagram pages to post promotional codes under their photos for their followers to receive a secret deal. Be sure to tell your customers to follow your social media pages for tips and promo codes because having a strong following will create a stronger brand.
  • Supply complementary items.
    Everyone loves being pampered and getting gifts, so why not provide some for your customers? This way if your customer forgets something, they can trust you to have something for them. Think of everything the client might need and provide it. Many customers might not need these supplies, but your provision lets them know they are in good hands. This can include chocolates, mints, water, scented oils, sample lotions, sandals, hair ties, thong underwear, towels, prep wipes, tissues, backless bra, mask, eye protection – the list goes on. These items can be located on a prepared stand by your tanning bed/booth or even in lobby while they wait.
  • Provide tanning tips.
    Before a customer’s appointment, send an email or text message with any necessary pre-tan information especially if they are new. Your regular customers can always use a reminder of their appointment and what to bring. This will establish a relationship with your clients by providing them a sense of consideration for their appointment and looks. Follow up with post-tanning tips through social media posts using graphics or sharing blog articles. For the users that do not use social media, you can post flyers in your tanning rooms and lobby.
  • Consider your feedback.
    Create a poll at your location, through email, or Facebook to ask your customers what they would like from you! This could be as simple as a note card at the front desk. It’s crucial to know what they enjoyed or didn’t enjoy so you can improve your salon and enhance their next tanning experience. Once you accommodate using their feedback, your customers will notice and hopefully you will profit from your adjustments.

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