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Know the Differences of Wink-Ease Eyewear

Being in the tanning industry, it’s important to know all types of eyewear that are offered. It’s best to always have a selection of these items fit for your entire customers’ tanning needs. Of course there are the standard tanning goggles that can rest on your face in a lay-down tanning bed, or be secured by a thin elastic for a stand-up booth, but there is another option out there as well, Wink-Ease! You can stick Wink-Ease to your eyes and prevent the band across your nose or thin line on the sides of your face.

Wink-Ease offers multiple kinds of eyewear for UV tanning and other purposes, such a spray tanning, red light, and maintenance.

How do they work?

Wink-Ease are incredibly easy to assemble, allowing the user to quickly put them on before their session. Follow these steps to get ready for your tanning session:

Step 1: You will notice a dot in the center and a fold line. Carefully remove the Wink-ease sticker from the paper backing.

Step 2: Overlap the slit to the dot, and fold to the fold line. Overlap the right top portion to the left top potion to create a cone shape.

Step 3: Place the cone, with the overlap section on the top, over your eye next to the bridge of your nose. Tap gently to secure into place.

Step 4 (After the tanning session): Peel to remove. All Wink-Ease are disposable after one use.

What are the different types?

Let’s go over the differences to know which is best for you and your business to have after getting our tanning equipment!

Ultra Gold Wink-Ease

  • Has a medical adhesive holds them in place
  • Has great visibility – able to see everything almost clearly with a goldish tint.
  • Blocks UVA/UVB rays completely
  • Meets FDA Standards for 21 CFR 1040.20 for US indoor tanning
  • Meets European and International Standards IEC 60335-2-27:2015

Lash Room Wink-Ease
(very similar to the Ultra Gold)

  • Very spacious for eyelashes to not get caught – great for users you have eyelash extensions
  • Has great visibility – able to see almost clearly with a gray tint.
  • Still meets all standards and has medical adhesive

Wink-Ease DARK

  • Protects eyes in indoor tanning AND red light!
  • Also, great for microdermabrasion
  • Still has great visibility, but has dark tint
  • Great for napping while indoor tanning
  • Still meets all standards and has medical adhesive

Order these when you obtain our red light beds and booths!

The UV Blockers & Ultra-Light Maintenance Glasses

  • 99% UVA and UVB block – great for changing lamps
  • Wrap-around style for full peripheral vision and coverage
  • Flexible bayonet temples for comfortable fit

If you have purchased one of our tanning beds, ask us about purchasing one of these to change your lamps! Our maintenance workers use them!


The FDA recommends the use of protective eyewear during your sunless spray tanning sessions. Wink-Ease CLEAR are perfect for spray tan because they fit over your eyes completely, but allow for full facial spray tan coverage.

  • 100% See-Through
  • Deeper cone for longer eyelashes
  • Protects lash extensions from oils in spray tan
  • Also has medical grade adhesive

DO NOT use for UV tanning! Try ordering some of these for your salon after purchasing spray tan equipment!


  • Protective Glasses
  • Great for Sunless Spray Tan Techs!
  • Wrap-around style for full peripheral vision
  • Flexible bayonet temples for comfortable fit
  • Universal nose bridge design for added comfort

ProSun is a proud distributor for Wink-ease!

Contact us for any of your tanning needs and to see how you can obtain any of these Wink-Ease for your salon!

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