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Tanning Salons Use Sunless Tanning to Increase Revenue


Tanning salons have come a long way from the good old, one-size-fits-all tanning beds that used to be the only choice in town. Now salon owners have a range of options available to them. Which makes getting new clients in the door and increasing your bottom line an achievable goal.

It can be as simple as offering a spray tanning solution alongside your traditional UV beds. Contrary to what some may believe, there’s no reason to treat them as separate lines. In fact, these two options are more compatible than you might think.

Spray tanners and UV bed tanners generally come from the same age-range, demographic and fitness level, so the marketing can easily encompass both selections and find wide appeal among that audience.

When it comes to the question of adding a Pura Sunless system to the Luxura tanning beds you already offer in your salon, ProSun (the premier name in professional tanning) makes it a no-brainer.

Here are three advantages:

Instant Gratification

Spray tanning offers the kind of instant gratification that tanners who may not have the time or the inclination to build up a base tan with regular UV tanning beds are looking for. Think: vacationers heading off to tropical locales, brides-to-be, prom queens and fitness models. Spray tanning offers you the opportunity to get them in the door initially.

Once they’ve enjoyed the results, they will likely be back for maintenance. And that could be your chance to sell them a package that includes a combination of both UV and spray tanning services.
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Enhance Tanning

Spray tanning often appeals to those folks who would love to enjoy the benefits of a deep tropical tan, but who are unable to tan for various reasons or who may even suffer from allergies that won’t allow them to tan any other way. This includes those who have had adverse reactions to traditional UV tanning.

Additionally, there is a faction of tanners who prefer to have their initial tanning session in a bed or a booth in order to “open up the pores” before moving on to the spray tan. Many believe this has the effect of deepening and evening out the spray tanning results.
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Maximize Available Space

Think about all of those empty corners in your studio. Each bare square foot of space represents an ongoing loss of revenue. By adding a Pure Spray system from ProSun, you could easily start bringing in new streams of revenue while offering current customers yet another option. And everybody loves options.

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