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4 Benefits of Stand Up Tanning Booths

Stand-up tanning booths are increasing in popularity. Some entrepreneurs are even opening all stand-up studios. Tanning booths are perfect for fitness centers, spas and other places where people have limited time. ProSun offers the most extensive line of vertical tanning systems available, with models to suit every budget, level of tanning and clientele.

All tanners are different, and all have different needs. To capture maximum market share, every studio should have at least one stand-up unit. If you’re thinking of adding a booth to your existing salon, or trying to determine the bed vs. booth ratio for your new one, check out the unique benefits of our state-of-the-art stand up tanning booths.

1. Turnover

While the session times of entry-level tanning beds typically start at around 20 minutes, tanning booths cut that time in half. With sessions as short as 8-10 minutes, busy customers are able to get in and out quickly, and because there’s less maintenance – no acrylics to wipe down and disinfect – the booth stays in service for more hours each day, leading to higher turnover and increased income.

2. Convenience

Although our vertical tanning systems are equipped with higher wattage lamps than some of our beds, many users report less of an issue with sweating in the booths than in beds. One explanation may be our superior cooling systems, designed to allow chilled air to circulate completely around the body. Users can grab a quick session in the tanning booth, get dressed and go – there’s no need to redo ruined hair or makeup.

3. Comfort & Cleanliness

Some people want to try tanning but the thought of reclining in an enclosed tanning bed makes them uncomfortable. Others have mobility issues that might make it difficult getting in and out of the bed. Others may be worried about hygiene. Larger users may find the limited space inside a tanning bed restrictive. With easy entry, plenty of room to accommodate almost anyone and no confining postures, tanning booths address and resolve all of these concerns.

4. Superior Tanning

While all of ProSun’s tanning beds and booths deliver the same great results, some tanners insist they get better, more even, all-over tans in a booth. High-intensity lamps tan from every angle at equal strength throughout the session. Stand-up tanning removes pressure points and since tanners can stand holding the overhead rails, tanning booths eliminate problems with white sides and underarms.

Luxura V8 sstand up tanning bed by Prosun International

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