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Customer Connection: Tiki Tan Salon & Skincare

Opening the Salon

This March, ProSun’s  salon start up customer, Tiki Tan Salon, launched their business on the island Kailua – Kona, HI. Tiki Tan Salon & Skincare is the only Full Service Salon on the island that offers tanning, Red Light, Skinny Contour Light, massage therapy, skin care products, and medical vitamins fusions and injections.

Donna Cavalier and Brian Morris decided the time was right and to pursue their dream of opening up a tanning salon.

“It was always something we thought about, so we decided to do it together!”

Donna researched online to find a reputable company to find tanning beds when she discovered ProSun which provided UV tanning and red light equipment.

They purchased 2 RenuvaSkin 3200 red light beds and 2 Luxura X3 tanning beds to start their salon with.

“They looked like they were solid products; very up to date, very stream lined, and overall looked nice – especially compared to others I’ve seen in the past.”

renuvaskin 3200     luxura x3

In just 8 weeks, “We are so, so busy! We are thinking about getting the unit beside us because we want to open 6 more rooms.”

“Living in Hawaii it’s always sunny, but people work, and they still want to have tanning available. I also became educated on red light therapy, and now it’s the most popular. Most of our customers choose to do red light, then combination red light and tanning, then the tanning.”

“People like using the Luxura tanning because the sun in Hawaii is close to 7 & 8% versus the tanning beds that are only 1.9% UVA & UVB, so there’s no burning and minimal damage,” Donna states.

“Tiki Tan took on a life of its own and created itself though the process. From tanning to full service – just natural services. I created a signature scent, always have infused water, and our goal is to do everything for everyone who comes in because people deserve to be taken care of. We provide a towel, orchard flower, chocolate mint, and goggles in every room. It’s a sanctuary for everyone when they walk in. We’re glad they to get to have those 15 minutes to forget about everything and enjoy themselves.”

Their Early Success & Testimonials

They bring in new customers with Facebook, their website, & the “coconut wireless” word-of-mouth – if someone says or does something at one end of the island gets to the other in one minute.  Altogether, so far they have about 150 sold packages.

Tiki Tan Pricing: 
Subscriptions, Packages & Walk-ins
Tanning Bed UNLIMITED $169.00/mo
Red Light Therapy UNLIMITED $139.00/mo
Combination $229.00/mo 

Single Visit $35.99
Buy 3 Get 1 free $108.00
Buy 5 Get 2 free $180.00
Buy 7 Get 4 free $252.00

Red Light Therapy
Single Visit $23.99
Buy 3 Get 1 free $72.00
Buy 5 Get 2 free $120.00
Buy 7 Get 4 free $168.00

“The red light is just blowing me away. It’s so awesome…

One woman bought her daughter a red light package because she had psoriasis, and she was depressed for about 6 years. But now when she came in after her 5th visit, she says ‘I love my skin, I love my face, my face has never been like this and its almost clear!’ The mother said she’s noticed a complete attitude change and she will tell her ‘My skin feels so nice, I just love this, and I feel better too!’

Another 72-year-old artist comes in has extreme deep lip wrinkles. She’s come in for 6 weeks, and I actually see a difference – an overall smoothness to her skin. She said to me ‘At this point, I’m going to continue to use the red light because I leave work, come here for 15 minutes, and I can think of nothing, like a deep meditation. I love it.’”

Donna claims her customer base so far is probably 80% women, 20% men, but more men are starting to come to here now.

“I’m getting people who go to the dermatologist office, now coming to get red light. Without giving medical advice, I’m getting people with psoriasis and eczema coming in with damaged skin to get treatment. I have one man late 60/70s, and after 2 weeks, his skin is starting to get super smooth, and he said his depression is getting better. A lot of people with skin ailments are using the red light for medical reasons.”


Overall Customer Connection with ProSun

“There were no obstacles or concerns with purchasing; the beds were delivered early. We would absolutely recommend your products – just not on my island!”

“Laurie is amazing. She has been so wonderful during all of this. I made a new friend. Every question I had, she had an answer – never dropped the ball, and held my hand through of all this. It’s been a great experience.”

If you would like to read more about Tiki Tan Salon, check out their local news article. Contact us if you would like to get help with starting you salon!

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