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Customer Connection: Lucida Beauty Studio

We think most women would agree that a one stop shop for all things beauty would be ideal, which is what has been Jen Calla’s inspiration behind Lucida Beauty Studio. In the last 3 months, Jen has transformed Lucida Beauty Studio from a home based business into a downtown store front in Courtenay, British Columbia, Canada. Her clientele of primarily women is keeping her motivated to continue expanding with additional salon space, staff and amenities over the next 5 years, providing unique services that no one else in town offers. Currently, Lucida Beauty Studio offers Red Light sessions, waxing, microblading and lash services.

Q: Which product(s) did you purchase from us?
A: I don’t have any tanning beds as of right now since my shop is too small, but I do have the RenuvaSkin 3200 red light bed. The bed is the only one in town that I know of. And I have the Devoted Creations Collagenetics product line in my studio.

Q: How did you hear about ProSun beds?
A: I heard about ProSun from a friend that has a hot yoga studio, she was going to bring in the red light to her studio but then changed her mind, so I jumped on board and took on the Red Light bed.

Q: Were there any obstacles or concerns you had prior to purchasing our equipment?
A: I was very concerned about the shipping factor of the bed as I am in Canada. The ProSun team made the purchase so very smooth and took control to get the bed shipped to me in a timely fashion.

Q: Did you encounter any issues during the order or delivery of your equipment? If so, did our customer service team resolve the issue to your satisfaction?
A: There was some damage upon delivery to the bed but the issue was very promptly dealt with from the ProSun’s customer service rep. The new piece was shipped out to me no questions asked. Natasha from ProSun made a point to call and make sure I had received the replacement parts, and asked if I had any questions on the install of the parts. This showed the level of commitment from the ProSun team to make sure that their consumers are 100% satisfied with the products that are received.

The bed was very easy to put together for the initial setup. I had some issues on my end with the electrical but Dave, the service tech for ProSun, called me and walked me through resolving it. He went the extra mile and got in contact with my electrician as well to make sure the setup was done properly.

Q: What specific features do you and/or your customer like most about this product?
A: I love the design of the RenuvaSkin red light therapy bed; it is modern and very sleek looking. The pearl white is a clean color and looks fantastic. The clients love the built in fan and comfortable head rest. Clients also love that the bed has a very smooth hydraulic system when the bed top is opened and lowered, therefore making getting in and out of the bed for my older clients a breeze.

Q: Would you recommend our products and services to other businesses?
A: I would highly recommend the red light bed to any salon, as it is something extra to offer to your clients. My sales rep Matthew is amazing. He took the time to inform me about the product before I made the purchase of the red light bed to make sure it was the best fit for my new studio. He has been there to answer any and all of my questions, he is honest and if he doesn’t have the answer to my enquiry he will find the answer from one of the other ProSun team members and get back to me within a few hours. He is very personable and a joy to chat with, I always look forward to any time we get to converse.

“I am a new small business owner and I have to say I really do feel as though the whole ordering process and follow ups with the ProSun team have been an eye opener to me. This is how a company should treat their customers and I look forward to many more orders in the future with this team,” Jen added.

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Check out Lucida Beauty Studio’s website and Facebook page for more information on their services, or stop by if you are in the Courtenay area to pamper yourself with a RenuvaSkin red light session!

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