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Hydro Massage is a Great Community Perk or Pay Benefit

The most astute condo associations, HOA’s, and real estate investors are always looking for cost-effective ways to attract and keep residents. The most successful properties are well maintained, and most likely have open communication between the HOA, the management, and the residents.They do not usually have every amenity; some have a few, and many communities have none to speak of. Obviously, the more perks a community offers, the happier residents tend to be; especially when the extra costs associated with new added amenities are not all passed on to them.

Renters and owners alike all want to come home to a comfortable attractive space. Some insist on amenities such as a pool, on site gym with the latest exercise equipment, a Jacuzzi, a spa, tennis courts, walking trails, gorgeous open green spaces and even golf courses. Some do not have a pool or even a clubhouse so what amenity can be added cost-effectively? One effective and affordable answer is a trackless hydro massage system. Places that have the most perks in place are not likely to not have one of these yet. That is reason enough to take a good look at the advantages of having at least one hydro massage system on your site.

The desirability of any property escalates when “a feeling of wellness” becomes part of the mix. There is a brand new concept waiting for condo communities and HOA’s everywhere to discover – a new “trackless” hydro massage system. It uses pulsating jets of water controlled by a simple onboard computer interface to deliver a fabulous massage without the person using it ever getting wet. It is surprisingly affordable, available now, and affords benefits that exceed expectations of owners, HOA board members, condo association officers, directors, management companies, and residents alike.

The idea of offering dry, trackless, hydro massage on demand is innovative and unique. The system may be operated as a “perk or pay” asset. There is zero to low maintenance because there are no moving parts that tend to break down. That in itself is a huge plus, since nobody has to waste time waiting for maintenance people and paying for repairs. No additional hands on deck are needed because it can be simply operated by the user without supervision. It can be operated 24/7 in any area that can comfortably fit the 21 square footprint. There is no need for privacy because people can remain fully clothed while using it.

There are many benefits of offering hydro massage as a perk for residents. Existing owners and tenants tend to experience a positive shift in their environment and are inclined to stay longer. New residents and tenants find it to be a positive and sometimes determining factor when choosing a new place to live.

If additional income is the main purpose of adding an asset to a community, the potential is great because the hydro massage system can be operated via membership card. An optional T-Max system available and is also adaptable to operate using coins or credit cards. Some complexes use the equipment as a profit center and charge per minute. This could make it the most profitable 21 square feet on any property since total operating costs are less than $11.00 per day. That covers the electricity if it operates 24/7.

The onboard touch screen computer is equipped with technologically advanced software for easy user operation. It has several pre-programmed massage zones and is user programmable for custom body work. Need shoulders, legs, glutes, or ab work? With the touch of a finger, focused pressure can be delivered where the body needs it most. The Association or HOA has the option of adding logos, advertising, and information to the screen as well.

Athletes love massage. The soreness of overexertion of the muscles can be relieved and renovated by a few minutes of massage. The fact is, a vast majority of people love to be pampered and most people enjoy a good massage. Some prefer deep neuromuscular massage and others prefer a softer touch. The people who dislike “hands-on” body work have actually found nirvana with the advent of hydro massage.

It seems like the biggest benefit to most people is the feeling of stress relief. Stress seems to be the most universally experienced negative anomaly present in our complex and crazy world. Some believe stress can even cause anxiety unless there is some way to release it. Massage is one positive way to try to help reduce the feeling of stress.

In stressful situations, hormones like adrenaline and cortisol are released to help people cope better. Sometimes the effect is either too little or too much. This can be negative, making it hard to relax, to sleep, and to process whatever input is causing it in a positive way. Some people believe that can be addressed and improved by massage. Many people just need to feel better and relax. An overall feeling of relaxation can be a tremendous boost to almost anyone.

Neurotransmitters that are released during massage are endorphins, such as serotonin and dopamine. They calm, relax us and make us feel great. Massage helps facilitate and maximize those great “feel good” chemicals. The overall experience lifts the spirit, pampers the mind and relieves the body of aches and pains.

Smart property owners, officers and directors of associations and HOA’s are always looking for ways to enhance the living experience while bringing up the bottom line. Hydro massage does both by adding a desirable spa-like dimension to the overall living experience. This is all about feeling great and pampering the body as well as the spirit. The addition of a hydro massage system can rev up any community with a great “feel good” finishing touch. It is the ultimate perk. The ROI is great with total operating costs under $11. per day. It is a fantastic and affordable asset for one or multiple locations. The system becomes popular quickly, and you may choose to get more than one to multiply your profits accordingly. The attractive Euro Style design has a compact footprint. It fits in a mere 21 sq. ft. and is quite possibly the most profitable space in any community. The Prosun trackless hydro massage system may be leased or purchased directly from the manufacturer. Check out the advantages of adding hydro massage and lift your community into the profitable and beneficial world of wellness.

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